About Blues Guitar Unleashed

You may be wondering why I have links on my main page for Blues Guitar Unleashed

First, I would like to provide a full disclaimer. I am currently a moderator on the Blues Guitar Unleashed Forum. This is not a paid position. It is strictly voluntary participation on my part.

Second, the links you see are not affiliate links. I do not receive any monetary consideration for having the BGU Lesson Of the Day and the links to the BGU website on my blog.

I have been a student of Blues Guitar Unleashed for approximately 8 years. During that time, I have used the Blues Guitar Unleashed series of courses as virtually my only educational material. The instructor is Griff Hamlin. Over the course of the last 8 years, Griff has gone from a ‘guy who sold me a guitar course online’ to someone I consider a very good friend. During that time, I’ve participated in his online forum and attended multiple live events that BGU has sponsored and promoted.

The simple fact for me is that his course material works. He is a rare combination of an extremely knowledgeable and skilled guitarist (not just the blues) and also has developed a teaching method that just works. On top of that, he is readily accessible to his students, via email, Youtube comments and his BGU Forum. I’ve seen Griff go as far as sit down and make a video in response to one of his students’ individual questions. I also know he frequently calls students to respond to their questions. In short, he’s a small businessman, not some huge corporate entity. He cares about providing a quality product to his customers and he is there to see that his customers are getting their money’s worth.

I have nothing but admiration and respect for Griff Hamlin. His teaching method works. He’s a stand-up guy who takes great pride in the course material he produces and he follows up. He wants his students to succeed. He is someone I am proud to call my friend.

And that’s why the links are on my page!

This will take you to the Blues Guitar Unleashed main website.
BGU – Website

BGU – All Access Pass Information All access pass is a monthly (or annual) subscription. This gives you online access to every bit of course material offered by Griff Hamlin. I have it, even though I currently own almost every course Griff has produced. In addition to the course material, you get access to several regularly scheduled webinars conducted by Griff. These webinars are categorized by, theory, technique and gear. Griff also schedules frequent (usually monthly) challenges on technique and sometimes learning the specifics of a song, with live “office hours” webinars. The challenges aren’t part of the All Access Pass, but having the AAP membership qualifies you for a discount. They are the closest thing you can get to a live instructor led private lesson, at a much lower cost.

BGU – Mailing List Signup In addition to the paid course material Griff offers, he produces an email list, with tips, tricks and even videos showing you licks, theory, technique. It’s FREE to sign up. You’ll get an email pretty much every day with something new in it to keep you busy and probably teach you something.

BGU – YouTube Page In addition to all that, Griff has a Youtube site with a couple hundred videos relating to playing the blues, including archives of frequent live streams that he does on both Youtube and Facebook. Good stuff!