I had to call this blog something, so it’s the fuzzy pink strap.

The story is, I bought a guitar strap a couple of years ago that is pink faux fur, aka “Fuzzy Pink Strap” (or FPS) from Get’m Get’m. This particular strap has since been discontinued. The strap accompanied me to a get together of blues guitar players in Memphis in 2015. At the get together, I took some heat from fellow guitar players about having a fuzzy pink strap. Most men my age have something a little more traditional, such as a 3″ wide custom made leather strap. I do have a couple of leather and suede straps, but for some reason, the fuzzy one is the one I use most often.

While at Memphis, one friend offered me $50 to let him burn the strap. When I told him I paid more than that for the strap, the game was on. Since that time, he takes every opportunity to deride my choice in guitar related apparel. It’s all in good fun (I think).

About a year ago, I happened upon another source of fuzzy pink straps, so I ordered one and had it sent to my friend. I figured his head might explode when he opened the package and discovered the contents. That’s pretty much what happened!

Since that time the FPS has more or less become my trademark. I’ve bought a few more and sent them to friends. In 2018, I attended a blues get-together in upstate New York and after returning home, I sent fuzzy pink straps to everyone who attended.

So, essentially the Fuzzy Pink Strap is somewhat of a fraternity of friends who I have spent some time at my most favorite pastime, playing the blues. It’s a practice I hope to keep on doing for quite some time, as long as I can maintain a source for fuzzy pink straps.